November 16, 2014
Service for sharpening with modern technology aimed for sharpening diamond tools

Sharpening special tools (Diamond tools) – sharpening i.e. a complete servicing, balancing diamond tools which are used for timber, mediapan, plywood…

  • Sharpening with diamond PKD tools in the wood industry
  • Sharpening diamond saws
  • Sharpening diamond pre cutter
  • Sharpening diamond spiral and flat mill cutter
  • Sharpening diamond profiles/plates
  • Sharpening diamond mill cutter for kanterka

Using the most modern CNC machines for sharpening, with completely automated processes.
Sharpening and measurement in the machine itself, where the data are updated in the archive of FOLMER-TEHNA for a further sharpening of the same tools.
The control of the quality throughout non-contact metrology at the request of measurement protocols.
Constant education and training abroad for the use of modern technologies during sharpening.

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